Design + Creative

PixaTool Application

An application that will identify the color palette in every picture uploaded. Then uses the model trained by magic palette data to identify the dominant and mixing colors and introduce them in their tube names so it is not limited to a specific brand.

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AI Ideation Cards

The AI Ideation Card Deck helps designers, managers, and innovators leverage AI capabilities available to us today for social, user & business value. It includes 24 colorful prompt cards with 100+ example use cases across 7 categories to use during brainstorm or ideation sessions.

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Teaching + Research

New Method for Physical Prototype Testing Remotely

As a result of my class in January 2021, I proposed a new methodology to my students for testing their prototypes remotely.

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Workshop + Talk

Talk + Mini Workshop on Applied Design Thinking

In late November 2020, I had the opportunity to go back to the Academic world and talk about BrainStorming in the Applied Design Thinking process in Business Innovation Studies class at Inholland University of Applied Sciences with 60 students and facilitate a mini-workshop around this topic.

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Design + Research + Business

Seeing the Unseen

(Notes on accessibility for visuallyimpaired people in public space)

I was a writer and a researcher for creating this guidebook with the purpose of providing the public and different cultural spaces with information about visual impairment and what are the needs of visually impaired people.

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Design + Creative + Business

Inclusive ArenA Application

An experience designed for visually impaired people for visiting Johan Cruijff ArenA in a format of an application.

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Design + Creative

Stop Domestic Violence!

A project about designing a program in openrndr platform for raising awareness about domestic violence.

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My Master Thesis" Representing the effect of Culture-based Principles of Iranian Lifestyle in Designing Culinary Tools and Products"

There was an assumption saying that behind every daily device, especially cooking devices, there exists a culture effect from the user’s lifestyle, which evolved through time and has so many factors involved in this evolution. The goal of this research was to study these incidents’ effects on designing everyday objects. So the data gathered will help designers design durable and adoptable products with daily lifestyle in the kitchen.

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Research + Design

GuideBook for Iranian Culinary Products Designers

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Design + Creative

Good Day Application

Designed an application for having more productive days. A colorful, motivating, quantified-self application.

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Design + Creative + Business

Nuxe Application

An application to organizing tasks, reminders, birthdays, making daily life easier, and motivating the user throughout the day.

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