Good Day Application

Designed an application for having more productive days. A colorful, motivating, quantified-self application.

Quantified self is a real issue nowadays. People do it most of the time. Tracking workouts, steps, sleep, food, menstruation, and even daily moods. This app is designed to add more value to quantified self and use science to help the user be more productive.

After opening the application, based on the time of the day the user will see either the day version and its features or the night one.

In this picture it is night and the user wants to sleep. So by clicking “Say Good Night” the interaction initiates. Then the application will respond and turn on the “Don’t Disturb Mode” automatically so the user’s quality of sleep increases.

When the phone alarms the app will send a notification and when the user opens the phone a pop-up will appear on the screen.

The user then will open the app and to either snooze or sleep. The night before’s sleep report is ready in the application, also the history of sleep reports to compare with.

based on the data in the sleep report, the application will suggest some actions for the user to choose from and start the day productively. Actions like: “Meditating”,”Breakfast”,”Sleep”,”Workout”,and”Music”.

In this scenario, the user didn’t have enough deep sleep, so the app suggests meditating, music, breakfast, and sleep. User choose the preferred options, in this case, breakfast and music. After the confirmation, the app will play the morning playlist in Spotify and sends the recipe.

This application can link with user favorite playlists in Spotify, starts playing.

The application has the feature to add favorite recipes and their nutrients chart in order for the application to suggest the best option according to the user’s diet, preferences, and the night before’s sleep.