I am Boshra Javaheri, a design thinker /researcher passionate about Everyday Products, Daily life, AI/ML, and Technology.

I am a design thinker, human-centered experience designer, and researcher, focussing on how Artificial Intelligence(AI) can affect our daily lives, our experiences, and our emotions by integrating in everyday products and services. My main topics of interest are everyday products, human experiences, emotions, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Currently, I am exploring Python to create artworks, researching emerging careers in the intersection of AI and Design, contributing to AIxDesign Community and WomeninAI while working as a freelance Design Researcher.

I am passionate about designing meaningful experiences, and my background is in Architecture Engineering and Product Design (in other words spatial and product design) for having a holistic understanding of designing experiences. I have experience leading qualitative & quantitative design research in different contexts. My design projects can vary from spatial, experiences, product, service, to photography, and painting.