Year: 2021

Client: Inholland Business Innovation Studies

Link: Slides

Pandemic affected the design world like other domains. For example, the design process is being done more digitally and most of the aspects of design thinking is happening online. Fortunately, tools are designed for most aspects of it, like brainstorming, presenting, modeling, but one step is still not converted to fully digital so it needs more attention and maybe a new methodology. That step is nothing but prototype testing especially if the testing material is physical and tangible.

I was invited to talk about the design thinking process to a business innovation class at InHolland University in December 2020, which was held online during the pandemic. Students were supposed to design tangible artifacts, applying the design thinking process, and test their prototypes before the finals when everybody was doing social distancing. Since their designs weren’t digital, it was difficult for them to test their prototypes with their target users. Struggling to find practical methodologies, I developed one and sharing it here for all of those trying to test their physical products remotely.

Developed Methodology: