Year: 2020

Client: AI x Design Community

My Role: Contributor

In 2020, contributors in the AIxDesign community decided to design a set of AI/ML ideation cards so designers can use them while generating ideas to create more meaningful human-computer interactions. The AI Ideation Card Deck helps designers, managers, and innovators leverage AI capabilities available to us today for social, user & business value. It includes 24 colorful prompt cards with 100+ example use cases across 7 categories to use during brainstorm or ideation sessions. The idea was inspired by Nadia Piet‘s AI meets Design toolkit, which she designed back in 2019. The card deck was funded by 232% through a successful Kickstarter campaign that ran for the month of May 2021.

The 7 different categories are:

• Deep Personalisation

• Context Awareness

• Simulated Presence

• Intelligent Interfaces

• Autonomous Action

• Uncovering Insight

• Advanced Automation

Each category defines the value, examples, capabilities, pros, cons, and most importantly the question to ponder. The card deck can be used in so many ways, but it is serving the purpose of shedding light on the potential of AI/ML for designers or anyone interested.


The cards come on 120×80 mm matte 350 g paper and in a solid hardcover box all designed by Astrid Niari. You can order your physical or digital card deck on the AIxDesign webshop. We also designed a Miro board which you can use to facilitate your own ideation session with the cards! It contains the basic steps we go through and you can duplicate, adapt, and use the board in any way you like. Hope you enjoy using it!