Inclusive ArenA Application

An experience designed for visually impaired people for visiting Johan Cruijff ArenA in a format of an application.


In the website linked below the whole design process and details are demonstrated.

Year                                     2020

Client                                  Johan Cruijff ArenA

Partners                            Digital Society School


Website                             Inclusive ArenA


Imagine being a football fan, visiting Amsterdam, there is no way you would miss going to Johan Cruijff’s ArenA. You will go online and book a ticket, take a tram or metro, or even being Dutch, riding a bicycle, arriving at the ArenA, check-in your ticket and enjoy the tour around the stadium. Sounds easy, right? Now imagine not being able to see, like almost 285 million people in the world. What will change in this experience? Everything.

Our solution after experimenting and prototyping different types of technologies was to design an application that can be used locally in the ArenA.


The Inclusive ArenA application is designed to create soundscapes for visually impaired people during their tour.

The app initiated to work on Yolo and Computer Vision. After that app could detect visitors and count the number of visitors in the ArenA. By counting the number of visitors, the detection system will decide that there is a group of visitors in a specific room. Then, since the camera unit is connected to the server, the number of visitors and the type of room will be on the server. Therefore, as our mobile app is also connected to the same server, it will be accessing the number of visitors, and the type of room will be on the server, too. Furthermore, room-related sounds will be played according to the location of the users. We tried to include both touching and hearing senses in this application, so it comes to the app, in order to create a user-friendly experience for visitors throughout the tour, the app was designed to be used with the voice command.